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10 things to do in Austin other than SXSW

1. Pinballz Arcade

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A huge arcade full of vintage pinball machines.

2. Whip In

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Amazing Thai food and amazing brews in an unlikely spot.

3. Peacocks at Mayfield Park

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Historic old park and garden with small ponds and a bunch of wild peacocks roaming the grounds.

4. Mount Bonnell

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A quick hike up to the top gives you an amazing view of the Hill Country and river.

5. El Chilito

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Tasty taco stand on the East side right next to a great bike shop and other solid restaurants.

6. El Chile Cafe y Cantina

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Two locations, stiff rita's, and the best damn beans you've ever put in your face.

7. Barton Springs

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Barton Springs Pool has drawn people from all walks of life, from legislators who have concocted state laws there to free-spirited, topless sunbathers who turned heads in the 1970s. Today, Barton Springs still attracts a diverse crowd of people.

8. End of an Ear

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Amazing record and vintage audio gear store.

9. Spider House

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Great coffee house / bar near on the UT campus but not far from downtown.

10. Draught House

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Serious German beer bar that's a little out of the way but worth it, if only for the nacho plate.

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